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Contesting A Speeding Fine

Contesting A Speeding Fine:

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a speeding offence, there are many successful ways of contesting a speeding fine. Speeding can result in a variety of punishments, all of which can vary depending on the driving history of the individual and of course how fast the car was travelling.

If it’s your first time caught speeding and it’s not ‘excessive’, then you are more than likely to receive a £100 fine and 3 penalty points. However this is not definitive and it all depends on how fast the car was travelling. The fines for example can be as high as £1,000 and this has been witnessed across Kent and Medway on many occasions.

At CarsFromKent.com we always warn people about taking your case to court. Make sure you have a very strong case with strong evidence to support your appeal. Like any lawsuit, loosing can result in big court fees and can actually get your punishment increased as a result. That is why just 1% of drivers contest their tickets each year in the UK.

Check The NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution)

First things first, check that all details about the speeding offence are correct. Make sure that the location of the offence, the time and the date are all correct. Also make sure that the details of the car in question are correct, as this is very important. Please note that very minor typos will be thrown out and aren’t considered as grounds to appeal. However, that said ensure the NIP arrived within the 14 days of the offence (factoring in postage time on top).

Speed Cameras:

Depending on what type of equipment recorded your car speeding effects how you can challenge the ticket. If it was a fixed speed camera, go back and check a few details. Make sure signs detailing the limits are clearly visible and haven’t been blocked or partially covered in any way. Ensure they are on both sides of the road and document your findings with photographic evidence.

If you are certain you are innocent and didn’t break the law, then request photographs of the offence. This will show your used car going through the speed trap and is how they calculate your speed. At this point if you’re considering contesting the ticket in court, request all the evidence the prosecution have against you so you know what you’re up against from the start.

Be warned that if a speed camera caught you speeding, the courts will almost certainly take the results as 100% certain. However if there’s a chance of human error then the procedure is slightly different. For example if you’re caught speeding by a policeman in his car using the speedo as a reference, then they must keep a record of that evidence. Request a copy of this documentation for your records!

In the past people have used various excuses to get out of speeding fines in Kent and Medway. The following are some excuses that used car owners have put forward to get off the hook. Please be aware that they are only successful in rare circumstances with evidence to back up the claims.

  • A member of the owner’s family was driving the car and is now deceased.
  • Incorrect or covered up speed limit signs.
  • The information detailed on the NIP was incorrect.
  • The individual driving the car was attending an emergency.
  • It was a company car and the alleged offender wasn’t driving.

Of course if you are convicted of speeding there can be ways to reduce your punishment. Many car drivers from Kent and Medway have claimed that losing their license will mean they lose their jobs, thus their incomes. People also claim that others may be affected due to them not having access to a car. For example if ill family members need transportation to the hospital or children need lifts to and from school.

Whatever you choose to do, if you decide to challenge this all the way to court, be sure to seek legal advice first.