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Lost or Stolen Car Keys

Lost or stolen car keys can be an absolute nightmare! If it’s ever happened to you, you’ll know full well that it’s always at the most inconvenient time possible. It causes nothing but unwanted stress and usually occurs two minutes before leaving for the airport or the daily school run.

Having your keys stolen is particularly worrying due to the possibility of someone else having access to your vehicle. This obviously means the vehicle is far more likely to be stolen. There is also the nuisance of having to pay to replace the keys before the thieves (potentially) strike.

Car Keys

Worryingly, there has been a rise in car keys being stolen from people’s homes, using methods such as fishing through property letterboxes to hook the keys down!

Don’t panic too much about theft if you lose your car keys. The car won’t run too much risk of being stolen unless there are any cards detailing your address on your keyring.


What to do if your car keys are stolen:

As soon as you discover your car keys are missing, contact the police straight away. Make sure you get a crime number as you will need this if you need to file an insurance claim. If you can access your car use a wheel clamp or a steering wheel lock until your locks have been changed. Please note thieves usually return to the scene of the crime, so do not leave your new car keys lying around the house. If you can access your car and have access to a garage, park your car there rather than outside your house.


How to reduce the risk of theft:

Do not keep your house and car keys on the same keyring. If you lose them you are putting both your house and you car at risk….not to mention the inconvenience.

Do not leave your bag unattended when you are out in public. Do not keep your car keys on display in your house or within easy reach of the letterbox. Thieves break into properties or use a rod through the letterbox to specifically steal car keys.

Do not keep your spare key in your car…Sounds silly, but it happens! If your car keys are stolen from your home, generally the car would not be covered by your home insurance. It is worth checking to see if your car insurance cover lost or stolen car keys as you can usually claim any costs to replace your keys or locks. However, it’s worth noting the excess could be more than the cost to replace your keys and it can increase your premium upon renewal.

Separate car key insurance policies are available which will protect your keys and it will not affect your car insurance premium or no claims bonus.
Taking out car key insurance is inexpensive in comparison to the costs you could pay if you need to change your car’s locks. It is also worth checking your breakdown cover provider as they may include car key protection.