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Does Your Car Have A Full Service History?

Are you selling a Used Car that doesn’t have a full service history? If so then be aware that potential buyers will expect up to 20% off the regular sale price. On average across the UK, a vehicle worth just under £8,000 will loose approximately £1,500 if the service history is missing or incomplete.

The garage chain Kwik Fit recently conducted a study, revealing that almost £10 billion in revenue is lost each year due to this issue. What’s worse for potential sellers is that almost half of the people questioned wouldn’t even buy a car if it had no service history!

Drivers over the age of 24 respect a full service history the most, with 57% claiming they only purchase a vehicle with a fully stamped log book. Those under the age of 24 are far more lenient and just 33% share the same view.

If you live in London buyers will expect the largest discount (23%) which equates to an average of £1,772. On the other end of the scale those living in the South West will expect only 15% off, or £1,156 in monetary terms.

Communications Director from Kwik Fit, Roger Griggs said: ‘Car owners often skip services to save money but in the long run, this can end up being very costly. Not only does it reduce the vehicle’s value, it also makes the pool of potential buyers much smaller, making it harder to sell.

‘Having a record that shows regular servicing gives prospective buyers confidence that a car has been well maintained, so even if you have one or two missing, frequent servicing is still important.

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