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Driving in Fog

One of the most dangerous hazards when behind the wheel is reduced visibility. To help minimise the risks take the appropriate precautions that we outline below. However the cardinal rule is to always considerably reduce your speed!

Fog Lights

Naturally when driving in the fog your fog lights are your most important tool. If you are in the fogmarket for a new or used car then it is one of the things you should check is in perfect working order. In fact your headlights must legally be switched on if your visibility is less than 100 metres. To put this into context the Highway Code describes this as the length of a football pitch.

If you are planning on driving with reduced vision due to the weather, double check that both your headlights and fog lights are in full working order.

The main thing is to use common sense when using your fog lights. Don’t be frightened to dazzle other drivers, it’s better to leave them on constantly until visibility improves than flashing them on and off.

Before you set off ensure you carry a fully charged mobile phone in case of any lengthy delays or emergencies. Also drive with a full tank of fuel as traffic jams and delays are more common during poor weather conditions. Furthermore your car will use more fuel when the fog lights are on and the heaters are in use.

Our Tips

Make sure you know how to operate both your front and rear fog lights, particularly if your car is new or unfamiliar to you.

– Be sure your lights are dipped at all times.

Utilize your wipers and constantly run any demisters your car may have.

Leave a three second gap between you and the cars in front. You need the extra distance to make up for the poor visibility.

Be extra vigilant and wary of other motorists who aren’t clearly visible. Some drivers will not be using their fog lights correctly.

Never follow someone else’s rear headlights to judge the upcoming road. If they have an accident you will follow them into the same collision.

– At the same time, never accelerate to get away from someone following you. This will put you in more danger so just concentrate on the road in front.

Try and slow down gently leaving plenty of time before turnings and junctions, thoroughly checking your mirrors.

– When you approach a junction always wind down the window. Listen hard for traffic as you may not be able to see it through the fog. Once it is clear and you’ve made the decision to pull out, do so in a positive manner so you’re not hesitating in the middle of the road.