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Where to Sell Your Car

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As a rule there are two traditional ways to sell your used car. You can opt to sell to a dealer, which is rather straight forward, or sell privately.

Recently the introduction of Ebay and other online companies provide an alternative option, but they have their downsides.

Trade-in/Dealer Sale

This method is by far the easiest and hassle free. Simply selling a car to a dealer is quick but of course you will receive less money.

If you are offering your car as a part exchange you may find the dealer offers you a better price. This is more often the case if the dealer is keen to sell you a more expensive vehicle. Of course on the flip side, the dealer may be less willing to drop the price of the vehicle you are trying to buy. Be sure to reach a happy medium and set a price you are willing to except.

Private Sale

Selling your car privately, for example on CarsFromKent, is the best way to get the most money for your vehicle. The process is the most time consuming, but overall it’s rather painless. Providing you can take six reasonable images of the car and use the Internet, you’re away!

Due to increased competition it’s relatively cheap to advertise online, many placing adverts for as little as £10. Of course you will have to be available for viewings, but that’s a small price to pay for the extra cash at stake. You will also be ableto get a little more money if you Effectively Clean Your Car and learn How to Prepare Your Car For Sale from our useful guides.

Online Auction

This can be both quick and easy, however there is no gavelroom for amateurs. You need to know how to use the auction site correctly, setting the right reserve limits etc. Be sure to read the small print carefully as many auction sites charge a large fee for a successful sale.

Online Buying Companies

Never do this unless you know the correct market value of your car. More often than not these companies will offer a lot less than what it’s worth. However, if it’s a quick sale you’re after then this is a great option.

A word of warning however, be sure to supply the correct information about your car when obtaining the quote. Companies will knock you down on the price if there are any undisclosed imperfections with the vehicle.