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Top 5 Used Cars

top 5It’s very easy to get carried away when purchasing a new or used car. Dealers will make the experience as pleasurable as possible, impressing you with the latest gadgets and features and of course who can forget that new car smell.

But before you jump into the deep end and sign the paperwork, stop and consider one major aspect. How easy is it to sell your car once you’ve decided to part ways? Take a look at our How to Price Your Car guide for factors that may influence the price of your car at resale.

Glass’s are a company that provide guidelines into how much vehicles are worth and following a recent survey have some excellent advice when considering your next purchase. They studied over 300 car dealerships over a four week period, revealing which used cars are easiest to sell. The results were as follows:

Nissan Qashqai

Average Selling Time: 25 days

Considering this won car of the year 2014, it’s hardly surprising the Nissan Qashqai is the easiest used car on the market to sell. In fact these vehicles, which are almost the in-between of a 4×4 and a saloon are very popular across all vehicle makes. The higher driving position, additional space and executive finish mean people are very keen to purchase them, whether they are new or used.

Hyundai i10

Average Selling Time: 26 days

The Hyundai i10 fits into the category of City Run-around. There is one main reason for its popularity and that’s the very reasonable price tag. Additionally, however it also boasts good space, low emissions and overall low running costs. For those looking to drive in and around towns or Cities it’s the perfect choice so always has a high demand in the used car market.

Volkswagen Bora

Average Selling Time: 27 days

The Volkswagen Bora is probably the most surprising result in this list, however its practicality explains why it is so popular as a used car. Just like the VW Golf it has a sterling reputation for build quality and reliability. The Bora offers an expansive range of options and engine sizes, meaning people turn to them for both reliability and practicality reasons. With that in mind it’s easy to see why it sells so well as a used car.

Audi Q3

Average Selling Time: 28 days

Most people won’t be surprised to see the Audi Q3 on this list. They look great, they’re reliable and of course they carry that all important Audi badge. That alone is enough to help it sell, but chuck in a wide variety of highly rated engines and it can appeal to almost anyone. Most importantly they don’t actually cost a fortune to run!

Audi TT

Average Selling Time: 28 days

We thought there might be two Audi’s in this list! Audi TT’s have always been a very popular vehicle and people are often willing to wait so they can grab one second hand. They are great fun, drive well and look amazing. Everybody likes the idea of a convertible, especially one like the TT which is actually cheap to run. These combined factors make it one of the fastest selling used cars on the market.

However, it is not only popularity that can influence which used car you decide to buy, there are many other factors that may influence your choice. Try to remember to go with your head over your heart, if you need more information take a look at our guides on Petrol vs Diesel and Buying a Used Car.