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Top Ten Cars That Hold Their Money

If you’re buying a brand new car it’s always going to be an expensive venture. What’s worse is that the moment you leave the showroom it will drop in value. In fact your shiny new car is only likely to hold up to 40% of it’s original value after just three years of motoring.

The cheapest form of motoring is to buy an approved used car. Don’t worry you can still get that new car smell and many still come with a manufacturers warranty.

However we understand that people still love to buy a new car and drive it straight out the showroom. Admittedly you do get a great experience and there is something fulfilling about knowing you’re the first owner.

Nevertheless before you proceed with that dream purchase, read our list below which details the top 10 cars for holding their value.

Please note this isn’t based on vehicles that hold their money as a percentage value. The best cars for this are far more niche and ultimately out of the average persons budget. The Porshce Cayenne five door diesel actually topped the list, keeping 68.4% after just three years. In monetary terms this meant it dropped from £46,338 down to £31,700.

1) Perodua Myvi 1.3 Sxi 5DRFiat

Produced by a company called Perodua in Malaysia, this small car will set you back just £6,880. There is an authorised seller right her in Kent called John Childs Garage. Based in the rural village of Brabourne near Ashford, they are a Trusted Dealer with a fantastic reputation.

After three years from the showroom, the Myvi will hold approximately 33% of the purchase price. Although this means a drop in price to £2,275, it’s actually the best retention rate on the market.

2. KIA PICANTO 5DR 1.0 1 (2011-)

Similar to the Myvi the Kia Picanto is another small compact car that’s cheap to purchase. Setting you back £7,940 you can expect the value to drop to approximately £3,300 after three years. That’s a fall of 58.4% which isn’t particularly dissimilar to that of the Myvi.

However this car doesn’t require road tax and is more of a well known brand. On the other hand it has a slightly smaller engine compared with the Myvi so there are pros and cons between the two.

3. FORD KA STUDIO 3DR 1.2 (2009-)

The KA is a famous little car and has been on the market for some time now. Selling for an average price of £8,490, it drops to £3,250 after three years which is a whopping £5,240 loss. This means its average re sale value is actually less than the Kia Picanto. Furthermore the Picanto has 5 doors compared to the 3 of the KA, however people are often drawn to the prestige of the KA badge.

4. FIAT 500 POP 3DR 1.2 (2008-)

One of the most desirable small cars on the market, the Fiat 500 is worth an average £9,845 out the box. Due to its desirability it actually retains a respectable 46.2% of its original price, equating to a resale value of £4,550 after three years. Overall it’s a great choice as it’s economical, fuel efficient and perfectly built for city driving.

5. SUZUKI ALTO SZ3 5DR 1.0 (2009-)

This will set you back £8,290 but will drop down to £2,725 after the three year period. Losing £5,565 is quite significant but this vehicle is small, cheap to run and also has cheap insurance. (Not to mention it is road tax exempt)

6. AUDI A1 TFSI SE 3DR 1.2 (2010-)

The first thing to note about the A1 compared to likes of the Myvi is the price. It’s almost twice as expensive, listing at £13,365. That said its depreciation isn’t too bad at 42.4%, which brings its resale value down to £7,700 after three years. Overall that’s a good result, especially given that most cars can loose up to 70% of their showroom price tag. With a slightly larger 1.2 engine compared to other ‘about town’ cars, you will still only pay £30 road tax.

7. SUZUKI SPLASH SZ3 5DR 1.0 (2008-)

The second Suzuki to make the list is the Splash, coming in at £9,440 retail, using the same engine as its cousin the Alto. Just like the Alto it will also loose a sizeable £5,690 after three years bringing the value down to £3,750. Again like the Alto, people are very keen on these about town cars as they only demand £20 road tax and are very cheap to run.

8. VAUXHALL AGILA 12V ecoFLEX EXPRESSION 5DR 1.0 (2008-2013)

Vauxhall have done well with the Agila, offering a lot of car for the £8,440 price tag. After three years it will only be worth £3,100 meaning a fall of £5,740. Recently Vauxhall have re vamped the Agila, giving it a sharper appearance and more ample storage space. Furthermore being powered by a 1 litre engine again qualifies it for just £20 road tax.


The Smart Fortwo only just made the list, coming in a £9,490 new. On average it will loose 63.6% of it’s market value and drop to just £3,325 after three years. Of course compared to the rest we cannot forget it only seats one driver and one passenger, but does boast zero road tax.

10. ABARTH 500 1.4 16V T-Jet 3DR 1.4 (2009-)

Owned by Fiat the Abarth carries quite a high price tag of £14,242. However it is classed as a supermini and is rather sporty and generally well built. It certainly has a desirable reputation and people see it as sizeable upgrade from the already popular Fiat 500.

After three years it will be worth £7,850, meaning it retains 55% of the original cost and you loose £6,392. However because of the increased engine size you will have to pay more road tax (£180) and compared to the rest of our list it is rather expensive to run. Of course never forget the dreaded Insurance, this will inevitably rise due to the larger engine.

As you will no doubt notice the car listed above all fall into the same category. They are small, cheap to run and boast low road tax. It’s because of these factors that these types of cars remain in high demand even when they are over three years old. In today’s modern world cars can run for hundreds of thousands of miles before coming to the end of their life span. One thing to mention is that the figures outlined in our list may strike you as being a little high. Please note they are based on averages so your well looked after Suzuki Splash for example, may well be worth more than what we have suggested.